RVA Realty and Relocation Services is the premier resource in the Greater Richmond, VA area for consumers and transferees looking to move to a new home whether it’s across town, across the country or halfway across the World! More than 40 million Americans move every year, and RVA Realty and Relocation Services makes that process easier for everyone!

RVA Realty and Relocation Services provides Relocation, Real Estate and local move services to the Great Richmond, VA area. Services are tailored for individuals as well as employers. Our REALTOR team is CRP certified (Certified Relocation Professionals) and are well versed and educated in all things Relocation. A standard REALTOR does not understand or comprehend all that goes into a Relocation. CRP educated REALTORS not only understand and have been educated but live the terminology and the process every day. We understand each move is different and creates new challenges but our experience and attention to detail will not only leave you satisfied but leave you WOWED!


Use the noun Relocation to describe moving from one place to another, like a family’s Relocation that forced them to leave behind old friends but gave them the opportunity to make new one’s in a different city.
Relocation, also known as moving, is the process of vacating a fixed location (such as a residence or business) and settling into a different one. A move can be to a nearby location within the same neighborhood, a much farther location to a different city, or sometimes a different country. It usually includes packing up all belongings, transferring to the new home, and unpacking, as well as administrative or bureaucratic tasks, such as changing registration data, change of insurance, services etc. Let RVA Realty and Relocation Services be your source of defining your Relocation and Real Estate Needs.